We have a checklist of qualifications discussed with the Operator when the initial contact is made. We can accommodate almost any request and we work directly with Sweet Street to ensure proper branding guidelines are met.

We offer a variety of dessert menu formats; folded mini menus, one-page menus, sluggers,
bound menus, and more. A minimum of four Sweet Street items are required. As long as there
are a reasonably balanced amount of Sweet Street items versus non-Sweet Street items, we
can add house desserts. Non-Sweet Street items will be added without descriptions and
additional menu offerings such as drink menus or weekly specials can be featured. Sweet
Street will pay for the design, print and ship once per 12 months.

These can include posters, clings, coasters, table tents, inserts cards, etc. An Operator
running an LTO program can request new sales materials after the current offer is finished.
These do not need a minimum amount because they are already Sweet Street items. Sweet
Street will pay for the design, print and ship once per 3 months.

Operators can submit a high-resolution vector file in EPS, AI, high resolution JPG or PDF format.

If the operator would like to plate their dish and snap their own photos, please send the largest size file available; as long as the photos are not blurry, we can use them.

Standard text paper with a gloss coating. Application examples: takeout menus, disposable

Basic, thick cardstock with a gloss coating. Application examples: menu inserts, table tents,
table cards

Typical lamination, printed on gloss card stock then laminated with a shinny and sturdy finish,
easy wipe off Edge Seal-The lamination goes past the edge of the menu about .25”,essentially
locking in the cardstock on the inside and making it waterproof.
Flush Trim – The excess lamination is trimmed off to the exact size of the menu, giving it a nice
look but exposes the card stock in the middle; any moisture or grease can easily get in between
the plastic layers

A matte finish, more flexible than lamination, a blend between paper and plastic that makes it
waterproof, tear proof, easy wipe and long lasting. This won’t show fingerprints and greasy
residue like the lamination.

Electronic Files
The Design Suite is more than happy to offer design-only services without the need for print.
Whether you need large displays for TV screens or simply need a copy for your website, we can