Michelle, manager ~ Jake’s Seafood

Rehoboth Beach, DE

“Our customers and staff love our new dessert menus designed and printed by SweetStreetDesignSuite. The photos and descriptions really help enhance the temptation of dessert and lead to increased sales. Veronica was creative and worked fast to tweak the menu to our exact specifications. Best of all, we get a high-quality, color, printed menu for free, and all we have to do is sell Sweet Street's awesome desserts; it's a win-win.”

Kim Wing, owner ~ Forks Inn


“Sweet street design has changed the way we sell our desserts forever! They made us these awesome ‘wine bottle’ table tents and our dessert sells have never been higher! We will continue to conduct our business with Sweet Street as they have made an impact in a way never known possible.”

Amanda Chastain ~ Los Encinos

Calhoun City, MS

“Thank you so much. The menus look great! Our sales have increased on desserts since we have received the new menus. They have increased - at least doubled.”

Angie Bender ~ Main Street Grill

Romney, VA

“Yes, [I believe that the insert cards created have helped grow sales and increase product awareness]. Obviously, visually being able to see the desserts is more tempting than a verbal description, as well as the wording used to describe the desserts on the tents. Sales in our diner location have tripled, [but] our grill location has always had the tents so I am unable to make a proper assessment on that location.”

Kelly Hughes, Kitchen Manager ~ Rodano’s

Wilkes Barre, PA

“The Sweet Street Design Suite promo material is a great asset to our business. Our servers are not the best at upselling so having pictures of the desserts we offer captures the customers’ attention. Our dessert sales have doubled since using these materials. Thank you, Sweet Street, for making it so easy!”

Suzanne Janowski ~ Cafe International

Prescott, MI

“The new dessert menus have been working out great for our Restaurant. Sales have at least doubled since we have been displaying the new menus. We sell dessert at lunch now too! We rarely did with the old menus. They are very clean, sleek and fresh looking! The design makes the customer pick up that menu off the table and look over it. The desserts look very tempting with the nice big pictures, they practically sell themselves. Having the menus doubled sided is also a clever approach, the desserts are in your face.”